IT Infrastructure Overhaul at Community School

Florida School IT Project
IT infrastructure setup in Florida school


School with a current capacity of approximately 1,200 students,  where their graduated students find their next step in universities like UM, UF, UCF, among others, tells you about the quality of education and an outstanding level of accomplishments there is in this institution.

Elementary, Middle, and High School


Like any other institution of this magnitude, it relies heavily on the stability of its infrastructure (network, cloud, wireless, and security) to assure the functionality of the daily operations; however, the school encountered numerous issues that required a complete network and wireless infrastructure refreshment in record time due to the short period of time of the summer vacations.

In order to accomplish such a project, all the equipment and licenses had to be updated, the human and intellectual resources, as well as the monitoring tools and structure plan to action had to be in place to perform properly. These palpable needs led the School to look for a service provider capable of working on all these challenges and understanding the financial aspect of this project.


The School partnered with NetVoiX Inc, to get propose a new topology that assures the correct evolution and scalability of the infrastructure, without losing sight of the correct operations and stability of the service. The first step was the design of the whole infrastructure, validation of the existing equipment as well as the hardware to be used, the proper licensing, and the amount of time and effort needed to flawlessly execute the whole project.

The second step was to help the school accomplish this while overcoming the hardship of going through a global pandemic. For that, we use our financial tools to help the school to be capable of affording this project while keeping a healthy budget.

Deploying this whole infrastructure was a great challenge. Due to the sensitivity of the equipment to be replaced, the tasks required high skills. A meticulous execution, a fine eye for the details, understanding the network flow of the school, the wireless coverage throughout each building, the security requirements, the time management, were all very important aspects to be able to complete this project.


When the project came to an end, the improvement was palpable even without the students being back to the school, the transition from a reactive model to a proactive model started saving time and resources from day one. This enables both IT department and NetVoiX to increase the potential and dig deeper into the network behavior and how to continually improve and prevent future issues now that the school is adopting a hybrid model between on-site students and online students that increase the performance demand.

The School has been able to welcome back their students with a completely different reality than the previous scholar year, this brought both parties to a long-term Managed Service Agreement that allows us to provide our best practices and bring the School to the top level of efficiency.