FirePower FTD Case Study



The gaming and entertainment industry is growing, and our customer’s business is no exception. With a 65,000+ sqft world-class gaming facility, our customer manages over 1,000 gaming devices, entertainment clubs, and restaurants.

Staying ahead of innovative security measures is a top priority for our customers and the industry.

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Firepower FTD


Our customer needs to ensure operations can run 24/7/365, all while consistently bringing new state-of-the-art gaming machines online and ensuring proper security measures are always considered.

They needed to ensure they could rapidly troubleshoot security events, understand the event’s magnitude, and generate necessary reporting, all from a centralized management platform.


Through detailed infrastructure reviews and requirement sessions, we gathered their top priorities:

  • Powerful advanced threat detection capabilities.
  • Centralized management.
  • Flexibility on granularity.
  • SSL/TLS decryption.
  • Integration with other devices already in the environment.

Based on the priorities, it was clear that we would recommend Firepower FTD to our customer.  By implementing Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) it offered our customer several benefits to secure their network and protect against various threats.


Firepower FTD helped our customer identify and block sophisticated threats through file inspection, behavioral analysis, and cloud-based threat intelligence.

All while efficiently streamlining policy management, providing the necessary granular control over application utilization on the network, and providing them with a more cohesive security infrastructure.

Our customer has the scalability and high availability to protect themselves and their users, even during hardware failures or maintenance.

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