Ekahau Wireless Survey



Ekahau provides tools that allow companies to design, validate, and maintain high-performing wireless networks.

These tools allow our team to analyze and quickly diagnose the stability of a wireless network to provide our customers with the information needed to make informed decisions on how to get a well-designed and optimized network to meet their business needs.

Our customer is a leading non-profit organization that is pivotal in helping communities bring safety, permanence, and stability to the most vulnerable. Having a secure and stable wireless network throughout their offices is vital to their ability to act quickly from anywhere in their buildings.

The established trusted relationship and the comprehensive knowledge of wireless infrastructure, coupled with extensive experience with Ekahau, were key for this organization in choosing NetVoiX as their IT provider for the survey, design, implementation, and support of their wireless network in their

Non-profit Organization
Wireless Network


Our customer found it challenging to provide the proper signal coverage and performance to their employees and customers, which was critical for productivity, collaboration, and everyday operations. Due to this non-profit organization’s line of work, every minute is vital to the most vulnerable community members they serve, and in some cases, no time can be spared.  Therefore, they needed to understand what was happening within their wireless infrastructure and resolve it quickly.


Ekahau provides market-leading technology for wireless surveys to design a new network or help troubleshoot issues with existing wireless networks.  Their precise measurements and tool allow our team to provide effective, stable, and scalable solutions for even the most complicated environment.

By obtaining a blueprint, visually inspecting the workspace, identifying the access point locations, and understanding the customer’s pain points, we prepared our Ekahau environment for the survey.

During the survey, our team collected vital information related to their:

  • Access Points
  • Signal Strength
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio
  • Channel Interference
  • Noise
  • Data Rate
  • Channel Utilization
  • Spectrum Channel Power
  • Network Health
  • Network Issues
  • Channel Width
  • Throughput
  • Packet Loss
  • Round-Trip Time.

After completing the survey, our team analyzed the details and heatmaps to prepare a plan specific to enhance the wireless network’s overall performance and reliability.

This plan included our findings, the impact of the finding on their wireless environment, recommendations on how to mitigate the finding, and the benefit they will gain from implementing the recommendation.

All this information, coupled together, provided a holistic view to our customer so that they could make informed decisions.


The Ekahau Wireless Survey brought a new level of visibility to our customer.  Visibility to something things that are not physically visible but critical to daily operations, such as interference.

As a result of the survey, we are partnering with the customer to implement the key recommendations, so they can have peace of mind with changes that provide a well-designed and optimized network for all that utilize it.