Cisco ISE Helps Nissan Transform Car Production Operations



This case study highlights the collaboration between Nissan Motors and Cisco in implementing an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution to optimize their manufacturing processes. The partnership focused on leveraging Cisco Identity Services (ISE) to enhance security and streamline operations across Nissan’s production facilities.

Network Security & Management
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Nissan Motors faced several challenges within their manufacturing facilities, including the need for robust security measures, efficient management of network access, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. These challenges posed risks to data security, hindered productivity, and created complexities in managing a large-scale production environment.


To address these challenges, Nissan partnered with Cisco to implement their Identity Services (ISE) solution. Cisco ISE provided a comprehensive framework for secure access and policy-based control across the network infrastructure. It enabled Nissan to authenticate and authorize users, devices, and applications, ensuring only authorized personnel could access critical resources.

Cisco ISE incorporated advanced features such as role-based access control, which allowed Nissan to define granular access policies based on user roles and responsibilities. The solution also facilitated the integration of various authentication methods, including username/password, digital certificates, and multifactor authentication, adding an additional layer of security.


The implementation of Cisco ISE brought significant improvements to Nissan’s manufacturing operations. By enforcing secure access policies, Nissan effectively mitigated the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data and critical production systems.

The centralized control provided by Cisco ISE simplified user access management, reducing administrative overhead and improving operational efficiency.

The role-based access control enabled Nissan to establish strict access privileges, ensuring that employees and contractors had appropriate levels of authorization based on their job requirements. This granular control enhanced data security and minimized the risk of data breaches or insider threats.

Furthermore, Cisco ISE facilitated compliance with industry regulations by providing comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities. Nissan could track and monitor user activity, generate compliance reports, and demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements.

Overall, the collaboration between Nissan Motors and Cisco, with the implementation of this solution, resulted in enhanced security, streamlined access management, and improved compliance within Nissan’s manufacturing facilities.

The solution empowered Nissan to protect critical assets, optimize productivity, and ensure a secure and efficient production environment.

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