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Passwordless the Future of Authentication Whitepaper

Security & Usability for the Digital Transformation

Enterprises are migrating from legacy systems to the cloud, resulting in hybrid environments. Consumer markets are driving the push toward usable, mobile technology and always-on always-available cloud, web-based applications.

The future of authentication demands a secure and usable method of authorizing users to both cloud and on-premises systems

Passwordless The Future of Authentication Netvoix

One advantage of passwordless authentication is that it can provide stronger security by eliminating the risks associated with weak or reused passwords. It can also improve user experience by reducing the need for users to remember and enter complex passwords.


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What is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication establishes a strong assurance of a user’s identity without relying on passwords, allowing users to authenticate using biometrics, security keys, or a mobile device.

Duo is innovating toward a passwordless future that balances usability with stronger authentication. Passwordless gives users a frictionless login experience while reducing administrative burdens and overall security risks for the enterprise.

Trusted Access with Duo

Verify the identity of your users with strong multi-factor authentication.

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  • Eliminate the threat of attacks that stem from compromised credentials with Duo’s easy and effective MFA.
  • Scale user provisioning with automated sign-up options such as user self-enrollment.
  • Support every user login scenario with different MFA methods (mobile apps, push notifications, offline options, and more)
  • Simplify enrollment and secure logins for users and reduce friction to their workflow.

Duo helps you to gain visibility into user devices, and NetVoiX enables you to manage it. Learn more

Supported Authentication Methods

Duo Passwordless supports a diverse set of end-user authenticators for access devices, including:


Compatible with iOS and iPadOS devices, including when stored in iCloud as a passkey.


Compatible Windows devices


Compatible macOS devices


Such as Pixel fingerprint or facial recognition and Samsung fingerprint or facial recognition.

Does your MFA solution provide flexible authentication options to fit a broad range of users?

Pick the right plan for your organization

Looking for a plan that fits your needs? Check out what NetVoiX offers to see what’s best for you!

Duo – Essentials
Full-featured two-factor authenticator for every
  • – MFA
  • – Single Sign-On
  • – Passwordless Authentication
  • – Trusted Endpoints Verification
  • – Device Visibility
  • – Authorized Networks
  • – Unlimited Application Integrations
  • – User Group Policies
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Duo – Premier
The first commercial implementation of Google’s BeyondCorp architecture
  • – Includes everything in Duo Essentials & Advantage
  • – VPN-less Secure Remote Access
  • – Endpoint Protection Check
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We help protect your investments

With DUO, you can protect access to everything with MFA, contextual access policies, device visibility, and controls.

Whether you are a cloud-based organization or a large enterprise with a complex mix of cloud and hosted on-premises infrastructure and applications, this solution gives you the security your company deserves. You can secure access to the following:

  • Remote Access
  • Identity Access
  • Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Tech Partnerships