Is your manufacturing operation's cybersecurity keeping you up at night?

Looking for a robust solution to safeguard your valuable assets?

Look no further than Cisco ISE, manufacturing companies can simplify access management, enhance network security, and ensure regulatory compliance within the environment. Gain control over user access, protect IoT devices, and strengthen your overall security posture.

Let Cisco ISE be your trusted partner in securing your manufacturing network, allowing you to focus on what matters most – driving productivity and innovation.

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The Total Economic Impact of Cisco Identity Service 

Forrester Consulting recently conducted an independent analysis of five organizations using ISE. Download and read the entire study to learn all the business benefits of ISE. 



  • Enhanced Network Security

    By implementing multi-factor authentication, certificate-based authentication, and granular access policies, Cisco ISE helps prevent unauthorized access, mitigates security threats, and safeguards critical manufacturing systems and data.

  • Centralized Access Management

    Providing a single point of control for managing access policies. It simplifies the administration of user accounts, access privileges, and security policies, improving operational efficiency and reducing administrative overhead.

  • Comprehensive Visibility and Control

    Allows manufacturers to have granular control over network access, ensuring that each user and device meets pre-defined security requirements. It is based on a policy of user roles, device types, or locations, which improves security and compliance.

  • Guest Access Simplification

    By providing a self-service portal for guest registration and authentication. It allows manufacturers to grant temporary access with customizable policies, ensuring guests can connect securely while minimizing administrative overhead.

  • Compliance and Audit Capabilities

    Offers robust auditing and reporting features, enabling manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with regulatory frameworks. It tracks and monitors network access activities, detects policy violations, and generates compliance reports.

  • IoT Device Security

    It enables the implementation of specific access policies for different types of IoT devices, ensuring that only authorized and compliant devices can connect to the network.

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How can Cisco ISE solve manufacturing cybersecurity challenges with its comprehensive capabilities?

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing cybersecurity, Cisco ISE is the ideal solution to tackle industry challenges.

With its comprehensive authentication, authorization, and access control capabilities, Cisco ISE ensures robust protection for critical assets. Real-time visibility and monitoring enable swift threat detection and response.

Streamlining access management and automating security policies enhance operational efficiency. Cisco ISE simplifies compliance with industry regulations, providing a holistic approach to manufacturing cybersecurity.

Embrace Cisco ISE to overcome challenges, fortify security, and confidently safeguard your manufacturing operations.

How does Cisco ISE strengthen data protection and mitigate cybersecurity risks in the manufacturing industry?

Cisco ISE strengthens data protection and mitigates cybersecurity risks in the manufacturing industry by implementing robust authentication protocols, access controls, and real-time threat monitoring.

With Cisco ISE, organizations can proactively detect and respond to potential cyber threats, safeguarding critical data and maintaining operational resilience.

How can Cisco ISE revolutionize manufacturing cybersecurity and protect critical assets in today's rapidly evolving industry landscape?

Manufacturing cybersecurity is crucial in today’s industry. Cisco ISE provides comprehensive protection, allowing authorized access to critical systems and resources while mitigating risks of unauthorized breaches.

With real-time visibility and monitoring, potential security incidents can be quickly detected and managed. Integration of Cisco ISE streamlines access management automates security policies, and ensures compliance.

By investing in robust cybersecurity measures, organizations can safeguard critical assets, maintain operational integrity, and confidently embrace digital transformation in a secure manufacturing environment.

How does Cisco ISE improve operational efficiency in the manufacturing industry while ensuring secure access to sensitive systems?

Cisco ISE enhances operational efficiency in the manufacturing industry by automating access management and enforcing security policies. This streamlines workflows reduces administrative overhead, and enables secure access to sensitive systems and resources.

With Cisco ISE, organizations can balance productivity and security, optimizing their manufacturing processes while safeguarding critical assets.



Connecting trusted users and endpoints with trusted resources.


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  • IoT Device Security 

    Many IoT devices lack robust security features and can become entry points for malicious actors. 

  • Unauthorized Access 

    Manufacturing facilities often have many employees, contractors, and visitors accessing the network.

  • Lack of Visibility and Control 

    Manufacturing environments are typically complex, with a wide array of devices and users connected to the network.å

  • Compliance and Requirements

    The manufacturing is subject to many compliance regulations, such as data protection laws, industry-specific standards, & safety regulations.


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