that drive digital transformation.


Team of highly qualified IT experts


Global reach, offices in the US and Spain


$0 to $20M in revenue in under 6 years

NetVoiX is an enterprise-level IT solutions provider that offers services in North America and Europe.

Since our inception in 2011, the focus has been on custom solutions coupled with excellent customer service, providing specialized and managed services practices in network infrastructure, data centers, unified communications solutions, and outsourced IT.

NetVoiX offers cutting-edge technology consulting services that combine innovative products, international industry experience, and custom tech designs.

Our expertise allows customers to seamlessly implement, improve, and enhance IT within their processes. Our solutions provide simplicity, agility, lower risk and cost, and enhanced security, ensuring optimal business results.


The purpose of NetVoiX is to achieve the highest standards in the practice of technology through transformation, innovation, growth, and social inclusion.
We strive to exceed customer expectations, provide peace of mind, and deliver the right solution at the right time, most efficiently and effectively.


  • Responsibility

    It is the aspect that allows us to raise awareness of the fulfillment of the obligations and promises of value contracted. We act to create a more sustainable and positive impact on the environment around us.

  • Excellence

    It allows us to constantly seek the highest quality, optimizing processes, serving in a timely manner, and increasing the commitment to help with our products and services.

  • Honesty

    It is our key value that recognizes the importance of clear, timely, and transparent communication; We work ethically, building trust and fostering relationships with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

  • Respect

    The value that allows us to interact with colleagues, clients, and collaborators in a correct, assertive and appropriate way. We practice inclusion by giving growth opportunities to everyone and understanding the differences of each one.

Our History


2011 - Present

Founded in 2011, NetVoix, Inc is an enterprise-level IT solutions provider, based in South Florida.

Our focus has been providing excellent Customer Service and Solutions tailored to our Customers’ needs, supplying Managed Services practice as well as Specializations in Network Infrastructure, Data Center, Unified Communications Solutions, and Outsourced IT.

Our broad knowledge of technology and the trust of our clients serve us as perfect tools to help organizations with their technological needs.

NetVoiX counts on a team of highly qualified individuals trained in main technologies Cisco, Microsoft, and VMWare, among others. Leading this team is Jesus Crespo, founder of the company and Lead Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the IT field, as well as 3 Expert Level Certifications with Cisco System CCIE # 27336.

Throughout the years, NetVoiX has built a portfolio of projects ranging from SMB to Enterprise Companies, Design and Implementation to Advance Troubleshooting, showing a track record of the diversity of clients we provide services, knowledge, and expertise.

Technology Consulting Services


  • conversations-4872_af60b258-251e-41af-b238-dfb706d7b3d4

    Quick response

    Remote access resolution gives us direct contact with your system and lets us fix many issues without an onsite visit by a solution specialist.

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    20+ years of IT outsourcing experience has allowed us to gain expertise in a range of technologies, industries, and applications.

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    No geek speak

    We want you to understand exactly how your IT systems work for your business, so we explain everything simply and concisely.

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    Business savvy

    All of our IT solutions are designed with a clear and in-depth understanding of the business benefits they need to provide.

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    We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including hardware, software management, and all other technology-related needs.

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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